Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home Tweet Home

Well...at last a little update on our city nest. We are pretty much settled there now and have actually had a lot of visitors since we closed on April 28. I have been asked to put some pictures of it on this blog, so here goes. You have also asked about what the building looks like - it's certainly not that impressive, but just right for us...an old gutted rehab with high ceilings, big windows, great-grained wooden floors. This is the front of the building and we like the flowers and trees in bloom.Here's what it looks like once you climb the stairs to get to our place. This is the view as you enter: the living room to the right, the kitchen to the left, center two doors are the WC and the bedroom. You enter into the dining room.

Let me just talk a little about the colors here in our nest - they are different! The dining room and kitchen are a chocolate lover's dream with two browns: milk and dark. Once you go through the chocolates, you enter the living room with a honey of a gold color with just a little splash of key lime pie thrown in. Here's where you can see the coffee table and side table that were my Mom's and now painted black...what would she have thought about that?

Now you are looking back at our kitchen from the living room. We are loving having a place for barstools and being able to chat with others as things are cookin' in the kitchen! Speaking of the kitchen, we received these wall words - Faith Hope Love as a house-warming gift from Kass and Don and we placed them above the kitchen window. On to the bedroom. The walls are a blueish/greenish blend and a perfect background for the Hawaiian theme we went with in there - hey, if we can't live on the islands, we might as well bring the islands to the city! The antique brass bed is from Wes' parents. It has just a lovely patina. And, yes, some of my suitcases had to come with me to join in the city life. We think we'll be especially happy here as nesters. Let us know if you like to come on over to our Home Tweet Home. (Sorry 'bout the pun.)


Sarah said...

LOVE that brass bed!

Linnea said...

What fun you will have being city dwellers! I still need to get out there to visit you guys, and now your new nest too! I love all the colors.

Timi + Andrew said...

Love the colors! Beautiful, stylish, modern city home you two have!