Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eskimo Mama's Surprise! (Copycat Challenge #5)

With one very pregnant daughter presently, the next project in the Julie and Julia/Blanket Statement COPYCAT CHALLENGE was a natural choice! Found on pages 50 and 51 in the book Blanket Statement by Vicki Haninger it is called Eskimo Mama & Papoose.
Once Mama was made, she made the trip outside to be photographed in the snow. (Who's knows what the neighbors think when they see me out in the snow with a camera and a little green doll? Who cares?)
But wait! This Eskimo mama has her very own surprise --- twins! One has a sweet round face and the other has a longer face. Thanks, Jan (and Rebekah and Rachael) and Greta (Addison and Caroline) for just the inspiration you provided to add the "twist" to this copycat project as mothers of girl twins!
Stitching these trio of girls reminded me of one of my favorite mother/child picture books. The book was written by Barbara Joosse for her son, Rob, when he was a two year old and pushing his boundaries by being naughty. She wanted to write something that would assure him that she loved him "for ever and always because you are my Dear One."
This is a wonderful book to give to expectant parents, or to check out at your local library. Not only is it a story of parent/child love, but features polar animals and a bit of Inuit culture. Learning and loving: a powerful combination!
I'm having so much fun doing this Copycat Challenge! It's stretching my creativity and allowing me the opportunity to be mindful as I stitch and dream...we can't wait to meet our own little "papoose" girl.


Sarah said...


The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Sarah! This coming from you, THE QUEEN OF CUTE,is a sweet compliment!

What projects are you working on these days?

simplicity said...

I love that book Deb and the eskimo and babes you sewed. Adorable! Hope you'er doing well and counting down the days for the babe to arrive. I can't wait for the news!

Alli said...

Those are so cute; I love them!

Spirit Bear said...

I think you could write your own book about this cute little doll. You seem to know her so well! In the interest of cataloguing (how librarianish of me!) have you considered naming all your projects? Wouldn't it be fun to have her live in your car?