Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Asked for More? You're Getting More.

For those of you not on Facebook, I'm posting more Ellie pictures because you asked me to. Please know this won't happen often, so consider this your Wednesday gift. Because I love you.
This was taken within a half hour of her birth...she was one wide-awake little girl.
Her eyes are just fine...she had the special newborn medicine in them. I love her cupid's bow lips and her little fingers holding the blanket.
Ellie is going to be the luckiest little girl to have Anne and Jed as her Mommy and Daddy.
Check out Ellie's full head of hair post-bath on her first full day of life.
Toes. Little piggy toes. She's seriously going to have to get used to my love of her toes and feet.

Proof positive of her dimples. Oh, my goodness.

And there you have it. As much as I would love posting daily updates of beautiful Ellie and her family, I am going to be mindful of their privacy. Please check out their blog to see their latest Ellie news.


simplicity said...

Absolutely precious Deb! Beautiful girl! That last picture I see a lot of Anne!!!

oatley said...

Little fingers, little toes
Pretty soon, hair up in bows

Cupid lips, dimpled cheeks
Precious days, grow into weeks

Little naps, baby's cry
Tired or hungry, tis reason why ...

Oh thank you, thank you for sharing these pictures!

Timi + Andrew said...

Beautiful little girl, Deb! You are going to have so much fun together as grandmother and granddaughter!

Linnea said...


Sarah said...

LOVE the dimples!