Friday, January 22, 2010

Picture Perfect (Copycat Challenge #6)

There's been a little time between visits to our little newborn Ellie Jane and a stitch or two here and there has led to Project Number Six completion! The Julie and Julia/Blanket Statement crafting-and-blogging-about it challenge is right on schedule. I chose to do the Gnome Charm found on pages 44-45 in Vicki's Haninger's book. Inspired by sweet Ellie's little stocking caps she wore in the hospital, this was just the right time for this project.

The way I tweaked this project was putting a little scarf around the gnome and later gluing it to the corner of a picture frame. I found E-L-L-I-E letter stickers and adhered them to the bottom of the frame. Then I applied a varnish sealer to the frame to further finish off the look.

Now the picture frame is placed inside a little cubby shelf that is above the crib in our home nursery nook. The little baby in the small frame above Ellie's is her Mama's newborn picture. I love my girls! (And guys!)


Timi + Andrew said...

Adorable as always!

Kate said...

You're so crafty Deb!!! i love the frame!

Spirit Bear said...

what a precious archiver you are, Deb. That little touch of your felt gnome on the picture frame:it's the details, right? Ellie is going to have a whole museum of "Grandma exhibits." I can't wait until she gets her first doll house.