Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Travelmore to Baltimore (Pink Suitcase Chronicles #24)

Quite some time ago when a conference was in the works for Wes, he asked me if I would like to join him for a long weekend in Baltimore, Maryland. Yes! was the ready answer. Pink and I would love to get out and about again...she was gathering dust in the closet since the last trip. We found the city to be very charming and certainly a study in contrasts. Old and new: architecture and buildings. Young and old: inhabitants. Built up and broken down: neighborhoods. Population: diverse. Cuisine: delicious. The Inner Harbor area is where we spent most of our time. It truly seems to be a cross between some of the most charming cities in the US that we love: the harbor aspects of Seattle, the walkways by the waterfront like San Antonio, the historical, stately buildings like Boston, the musuem campuses like Chicago, and the variety of restaurants like San Francisco. In short, this is one city that has a lot to offer to travelers with a personality all its own! If you like ships, this harbor has plenty for touring...and even cute "dragons" for paddling. The water taxi was a great option, too.
We certainly lucked out with fabulous weather while in Baltimore --- and the flowering trees and plants made the experience even lovlier.

See the yellow umbrellas on the top balcony? We had desserts there....mmm! Harbor view from here.

Just a couple of blocks away from the harbor, you can see these historic buildings:

In fact, this was the view we had out of our hotel window just as night was falling. Truly a city that merits exploration --- more to come!


Timi + Andrew said...

Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures!

The Lindahl News said...

Timi, knowing that you are a city girl at heart, I think you would love THIS city!