Thursday, August 11, 2011

Barbie + Project Runway = My Kind of Fun (#1)

Three things have inspired me lately:
1. A new season of Project Runway (Thursday nights) currently underway.
2. The exciting "find" of vintage Barbie patterns at St. Vincent's
for 25 cents each. I bought each and every one.
3. The purchase of two Barbie dolls, also at St. Vinnie's, at $2.00 each. I bought the only two that actually had non-chopped hair.Before going any further here, I should explain the premise of Project Runway to those of you who might not be followers. Heidi Klum is the host, Tim Gunn is the designer's mentor, and a panel of three judges presides over the weekly competition. Budding designers are given a weekly challenge to create a fashion outfit or ensemble using certain given items, themes or such. The first week - actually two weeks ago today - designers were awakened by Tim Gunn in the wee hours of the morning and told to not change out of their pajamas, and grab a sheet and out they went to their designing studio in New Your City!
Once there, the designers were told their outfit could use only the fabrics from their own p.j.'s and the sheet. They were allowed to use trims or dyes provided and then they were off to stitch a garment for a provided model, later to walk down a runway and be judged by the panel. One designer would be sent home. The next week, a new challenge is issued and so it goes until there is only one designer - the winner - left!
I decided to follow along with the show designers and do the challenges for Barbie. I'll follow the rules as they do, but here's the good news: I CAN NOT BE ELIMINATED! Since my blonde Barbie is the model for this week's challenge (keep in mind I'm two weeks behind schedule due to summer), I had to pretend the outfit to the left was her
pajamas. The "sheet" to the right I altered by tie-dyeing with Sharpee markers and spraying with rubbing alcohol to allow the markers to "bleed" and run.
Sometimes the designers are asked exactly who will be wearing the outfit and for what function, so I have decided to call this ensemble "Barbie Goes Barefoot in Central Park Feeling Groovy."Her hair is braided with a long, side braid and she's carefree as can be!
Her tunic is trimmed with braided vintage lace. As are her bell-bottom pants. The p.j fabric can be found in her jaunty neck scarf as well as a little peek from the bodice of the tunic for modesty sake. I cut off only the sleeves of her p.j. top so that she also has the option to wear the sleeveless top underneath the tunic for that popular layered look. And, how could a tunic NOT have bell sleeves as well when Barbie is feeling so, so groovy?
There you have it: the week #1 challenge. Done. Seeing as I have some catching up to do, come back again real soon to see how Barbie looks in an outfit made from pet supplies for week #2!


The Lindahl News said...

To Teddie, Marie and Katie who commented via Facebook: THANK YOU!!!

Spirit Bear said...

Inspiration! This is the most fun ever. I'll be following Barbie's adventures.