Monday, August 22, 2011

Barbie/Project Runway #4

When I realized Project Runway episode #4 was going to have designers designing for a client who "knows a lot about fashion" I gulped - and gulped even more when that person turned out to be judge Nina Garcia. She has a no-nonsense approach to fashion: classic, yet fresh silhouettes with streamlining, clean, no-print tendencies. Whimsical? Never!
(Whimsical seems to be my middle name.)
She gave directives such as: (see me furiously writing these down as she dictates)
"I don't want boring."
"No pleats. Muted tones."
"I don't want a runway all in gray."

"I don't like mousy"

"I need punch." (Not the liquid reference, of course.)
"I like the combination of hard and soft."
"I hate cowls."
"Don't make it too short."
"I don't like plunging necklines."
Keeping all these requirements in mind for my "client" I headed out to find fabric. Seeing as there is no MOOD fabric store in my city neighborhood, I went to the closest place to look for fabrics - the Village Discount thrift store. Rows and rows of pre-worn garments called out for an audition, but nothing appealed to me until I found this halter top. It was olive green in color with little gold dots in linear formation. The lining could be used as well, because I decided to make a fully lined wrap dress for my client.
Here's my finished outfit for Barbie/Nina. Please note that I styled her hair just as Nina wears hers - long and straight. I made the belt out of flat beads and the buckle is a flat "black pearl" disc. The wrap dress closures are also beads of "black pearl" and echo the hues in the dotted circles of the dress fabric.
Here you can see the side closure of the wrap dress.
There's a hint of a peek-a-boo pleat on the dress side as well with a view of the coordinating lining fabric. Kind of alluring, yet tasteful. Not too much leg, but just enough.
This is what the wrap dress looks like without a Barbie body in it. The hem was cut directly from the halter, so it is nicely rolled and finished. If you look closely, you can see the bead buttons and the little loops that join the sides together. Nina, can wear this to work and transition to an evening function by simply changing the handbag to a clutch, and adding dangling earrings to her lobes. I would like to call this look
Barbie Wraps Up Yet Another Exciting Day in Glamourland on a Shoestring Budget


Anne Bassett said...

I LOVE this one - I would wear it if it came in my size! :)

The Lindahl News said...

Anne, you are nice to say that! Want the scraps?

oatley said...

Your creativity NEVER seizes to amaze me!

Sarah said...

you could have totally won this challenge! VERY classy, just like Nina would wear. :)