Friday, August 12, 2011

Barbie/Project Runway #2

Episode #2 of Project Runway had an interesting challenge: to make a garment from pet store items and was called "My Pet Project." Off I went to Dollar Tree to their pet supply aisle. Though limited by the inventory, there was still a selection from which to choose: rubber chew toys, rawhide bones, collars, leashes, squeakers, frisbees, toys to catch and throw. (But no hard neck cones or "tinkle" pads as used in the show.)
My choices were the red, white and blue dog rope toy and the smallest dog collar I could find. Two dollars spent and I was set!
I knew I could use a muslin underlay for my outfit, which really helped. Here's what I did.
First I cut the rope into shorter lengths. I untwisted the three colors and put aside the red cords - only navy and ecru will be used for the outfit. Though quite tedious, I pulled the thicker cords apart to make stripes over the muslin base.
Once the stripes were placed, I secured them by sewing machine stitching to the muslin base in a scribblish sort of way.
Next the pattern piece was placed over this and cut out. I did this for front and back bodice pieces as well as the skirt. This is going to be a dress.
Voila! Here is the finished dress and the dog collar was chopped off to make a stylish belt to go with the outfit. (The dress, to me, looks like it's a zebra print. )
It goes without saying that Barbie has one tiny waist, so with the leftover collar, I styled a sassy ponytail band.
This look I am calling "Zebra Barbie Goes on a Zoo Walk with Killer Stilettos."
(It won't be a very long walk.)
Coming: #3 in which Barbie must wear stilts. Really?


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Your technique on this one was unbelievable - the unraveling of the cord - the dress was beautiful - you are the textile queen.