Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Barbie/Project Runway #5

Episode number 5 of Project Runway found the designers given the challenge of creating outfits to wear with Heidi Klum's New Balance sneakers. Teams of three designers were formed and they had to put together three separate "looks" with these stipulations:
1. Denim or suede - or both - must be used in every outfit designed. It need not be the prevalent fabric, but still must be present.
2. All pieces should work together as a collection.
3. $300.00 budget for the designers.
4. Finally, the "Make something cool!" directive from Ms. Klum herself.
Of all the crazy things, I was inspired by this fashion bra at Dollar Tree! It had the whimsical, colorful star pattern including the color turquoise as well as that "pop" of hot pink I was looking for. It would work well with the denim and shoes. After all, my client was none other than Barbie herself this time!!
(My biggest issue was coming up with sneaker-like shoes for Barbie. I had to go out to buy an I CAN BE...A BABYSITTER BARBIE just for her shoes. Apparently, Barbie even wears high heels to be a dentist, a veterinarian and any other occupation.)
Outfit #1, left, is a three piece active-wear ensemble featuring a zippered hoodie (lined in denim), a color-blocked raglan t shirt with embroidery details and capri pants.
Outfit #2, center, is a one piece denim jumpsuit cut on the bias with
additional bias-stitching side detail panels on the flared leg pants.
Outfit #3, right, is also a three piece ensemble with wrapped skirt (made from the back of the fashion bra and four snaps) and kicky denim vest.

Here we see Barbie showing off the embroidery detail on the color-block t shirt. She especially likes the shirt because of the tiny crown stitched on it - do you see it? I made the shirt from a golf logo sample pack given me several years ago.

Barbie's belt on outfit #2 is actually the front fashion bra closure with a little of the bra still attached. Shown here: the vest close-up from outfit #3 Can you see how a bra back would wrap around Barbie's body to make a skirt"? The front closure from the bra is multi purposed - here it is turned around to make a teeny top for Barbie.
For obvious reasons,
I am calling this the Give Barbie
Sports Collection.


Anne Bassett said...

Wow! A lot of looks from only a little bit of material. My favorite was look number three! :)

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Anne...I am partial to #3 as well.

vadawaii said...

wow! to all the barbie looks! i am kind of laughing out loud but am in total awe! this is great, and your looks are *all* better than anything i have seen on PR this season!