Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Barbie/Project Runway #6

Episode #6 of Project Runway "THE ART OF THE MATTER" was probably my favorite challenge thus far. Why? Because it was inspired by young art students from the Harlem School of the Arts working side-by-side with the designers. Together they created a painting, and then the designers were challenged to create an avant garde outfit inspired by this painting with some of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum directives such as:
"Step up and out - it's avant garde."
"This is not a Red Carpet challenge, but an avant garde challenge."
"You will need a lot of yardage."
"Go weird or go home."
"Think Lady Gaga."
"This should turn your head and make you wonder what's going on."
"Think fur, feathers and bright."
What I'm thinking while hearing all these directives is that Barbie, if she could talk, would say:
"I want sequins."
"Beads? Yes, please!"
And, pretty please, could it be pink?"
"Flowers for me, thank you very much."
Meanwhile, where am I going to find a child's painting as my inspiration? Then, it dawns on me that son John painted a flower way back in elementary school. I love its colors and overall feel. It's shown above, and now serves as my inspiration.
Next: figure out the fabric. Luckily, I have recently been to IKEA and bought a yard of something that has on the selvage edge "Design: Malin Akerblom 2010."
Now, what to make that has that avant garde look. I think Barbie needs an arty cape with a dress, an a-line dress with a raised bodice in which the sequins and beads can be showcased.
Machine embroidered flowers with raw edges will be additional elements of ornamentation.
And here we see Barbie modeling the finished ensemble. With no care whatsoever that she is wearing white shoes past Labor Day.
Hair detail with a hand-crafted flower with a pink sequin as flower center. Make-up as usual. No stylist needed here as this look is as permanent as a tattoo.
Please note the welt pocket detail. This was cause of maybe a not-so-nice verbiage rant because I didn't do it right the first time and had to start all over again. And maybe the second time as well. Note the multi-shaped sequins in gold in the flower center. Barbie does love sparkle, you know!
Once the cape is removed, you can see the dress.
Here's bodice close-up.
The back of the cape also has some bling.
As you can see, I am just making the deadline of finishing the outfit before the Thursday
self-imposed time limit. I call this look
Barbie's Cape-ricorn Ensemble.


Sarah said...

I always look forward to your Project Runway posts and think of what you'll come up with while I'm watching each episode! Love this!

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks so much, Sarah! This week is scaring me BIG TIME...5 looks and created fabric? Yack!

The Lindahl News said...

Teddie (on Facebook): loved your ideas for "ensemble" names of Cape Diem and Seize the Cape. You are a clever one!