Monday, September 12, 2011

A Boating We Will Go (Pink Suitcase Chronicles #42)

When we were invited to go for a weekend visit to Wes' sister and her family's place in the Detroit area, we knew we had to give it a try. You see, they have a boat. And Wes is a lover of boats and water. Plus summer is waning, and this was the last chance to
s-t-r-e-t-c-h out summer just a little bit more. Not to mention that his sister is really, really nice, as is her husband and family of three kids! Can I just mention we also really lucked out with unexpectedly good, summer-like weather? The forecast was wrong. Thankfully, wrong!
The boat came with her own name:
"Thought He Was Kidding"
and the new owners are thinking she is well named and will keep her as such.
Here we see Captain Jeff and his First (and only) Mate, Renee.
Once out on Lake St. Clair, we discovered we needed to boat over to Brownie's for lunch.
Wes was offered the chance to drive the boat, and readily accepted the invitation...I loved seeing him smile the entire time he manned the "ship."
I never realized one could take a boat into Detroit. Here we pass through bridge #1.
To the right of the bridge, we see Detroit. Not shown on the left side,
the Canadian city of Windsor.
Party boat with city skyline behind. We saw many wedding parties being photographed along this stretch of the waterway. We waved and shouted to each other.
Here's bridge #2 which we also passed under. Then it was back to the marina to dock and part with the lake. We had such a great time...thanks Renee, Jeff and family! Nothing like the combination of being out on the water in a boat with people we love. Good times!

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