Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Barbie/Project Runway #9

Who knew when I took on this Project Runway challenge that I would design outfits for a rock band? Certainly NOT me! In Episode #9, the designers met up with the Canadian band called The Sheepdogs. Once again, the designers were divided into two teams of four people. And, once again, my brain and sewing machine would be whirring to complete the assignment in a week's time.
Each band member had an interview with the PR designer. Let's start with Ewan first. He's the lead singer of the band - the front man, so to speak. I thought it was very important for him to lead the pack of fellow Sheepdogs by wearing a sheared sheep hair (Sherpa) vest. No designers had this thought...what's with that?
(My thanks go out to Ken. He was the actual body presence for the band members' bodies.
I taped their faces right over his face. Kind of mean of me, but he was a good sport about it.)

Now let's take a look at band member Ryan. He wanted to have a look that was Western influenced. So, I sewed him a denim/chambray shirt with trim detail on one side. This trim was leftover from my very own Western look in high school when I sewed the trim down the side of my own hip hugger jeans - ee ha! I gave Ryan cargo pants so that he could store his guitar picks there between sets.

Sam, the drummer, wanted a look that had brown in it - he likes brown. He also requested a caftan-type shirt. (If you saw the TV show, you know the two designers who designed for Sam had pretty unattractive results.) Because he's the drummer, he got a top with a zipper. You never know when another rhythm "instrument" sound is going to be needed. ZZZZZZZZZZipppppp!
Finally, we come to band member Leot. He, when interviewed, had the funkiest style request: red pants. Let's talk funky! For him, I chose a special maroon red python pleather print that I found at the thrift store in jacket form marked down to $1.40. These pants are true rocker pants. For the top, I chose to do some color blocking and embroidery.
Just for fun, I am adding the next pictures for closer details of the band outfits:
Ryan's Western trim,
Sam's caftan zipper and trim,
The brown shoes I stitched for all,
and Leot's python snakeskin pants.
This is the entire collection. I will be upfront with you that I
cheated just a bit with making one pair of jeans for Sam and Ewan to share,
and Ryan and Ewan share the same shirt. Please cut me some slack (get it?)
because there is only me in this team challenge.


Anonymous said...

I love this! you are too funny! and they look awesome! :-)

jackie awes

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, has been fun and a bit crazy to do this project.

Spirit Bear said...

This may be your finest hour! I LOVE the faces. Oh, the sheep fleece vest - inspired. And those python pants are sizzling. The details are precious - I want to ask you about all the details. How do you make pants that small? Okay, we're going back to the 70's again - what's with this? As Tim says, "Make it work, Deb!"

The Lindahl News said...

Patricia, thanks for your questions! Making pants that small is really pretty fact almost the easiest to put together of all the outfits so far. It helps to cut them out from other garments that have hems which I place on the pattern hemline. Recycling has its merits.