Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Barbie/Project Runway #8

The premise of Episode #8 on Project Runway was to bring real men in and have them confer with the designers to create a custom outfit for their wife or girlfriend. The men have real-life women with real-life bodies. So, I "brought" in a Mattel man whose name just happens to be Allan Sherwood and we sat down for a nice little chat. Does that name sound a little familiar to you, by the way? He's the husband of Midge -Barbie's best friend since 1963. Midge and Allan are expectant, married parents as shown by the ring on Midge's left hand. This is the transcript from the interview:
DL: Well, hello Allan!
AS: Hello back.
DL: My, you look fit, trim and tan! You have been in Malibu with Barbie and Ken, haven't you?
AS: Why, yes. Yes. We had such fun in the Dream House.
DL: Are you looking for me to design a cute little bikini for Midge?
AS: Er, no. Midge has a little secret. I must spill the beans to tell you there is a bun in Midge's oven!
DL: Why, congratulations, Allan! You must be thrilled. AS: Why, yes we are, indeed.
DL: So, you want me to design....
AS: ...a beautiful maternity dress. Dove grey to tie in to my nickname for my little DoveBoat.
DL: Grey it is, then!
AS: And Midge just loves silk worms.
DL: Curious, but sweet observation, Allan. Which means, of course, that the dress must be made out of silk. The finest silk.
AS: Yes, spare no expense! And do NOT make it long and frumpy. You know Midge has shapely legs!
DL: Noted: short hemline. How about sleeves?
AS: Only cap sleeves, please. Her arms are quite chiseled, you know.
DL: Again noted. Any other specifications?
AS: Yes! Please make the dress one that can fit her again once the baby bump is gone. Er, ah, the baby has arrived!
DL: Okay, Allan. I'm on it!
. Following the birth of little Nikki, Midge can wrap the tie from front to back. (Just a side note here, I made the dress out of silk shirt that was already in the donate Bag.)
Now I know you, dear reader, are wondering about the pregnant Midge doll I acquired for this challenge. She is the property of my friend, Marti.
And I also know you would like a visual of how this pregnancy works? Midge has a magnetized half-shell bump.
Inside is a curled up baby with a diaper already in place - so convenient!
Thank goodness, I made the yellow polka dot bikini last week so that I can show these non-censured pictures on my blog!
Wouldn't it be nice if we could have our babies this way? All we'd need to do was take the eggshell thingy off and voila --- a sweet baby arrives with diapers already in place!
Then, we could go home from the hospital in our little bikini, just like Midge shown below and go back to life on the beach! No more waiting 30 years to get back to our pre-pregnancy weight with a belly that looks like a thermal blanket!
This is obviously a fantasy.


The Lindahl News said...

Thanks for the comments on FB. This was a fun challenge. I have just watched Episode #9 and it is another team challenge with rocker men's wear. Yipes!

Sarah said...

Wow, she looks GREAT for having just had a baby! :)

The Lindahl News said...

Like I said, Sarah...it is obviously a fantasy! I am still waiting to lose my pre-pregnacy weight!