Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Barbie/Project Runway #10

Episode #10 was right up my alley! Why? Because the challenge was to make one - and then two - 70s inspired garments. My sister was my fashion role model during this decade. She was in college and I was in high school. School breaks came and she'd come home to New Jersey. On one of those breaks she came home with pierced ears, and sure enough, before she went back to school my ears were pierced (by her), too! The parents were not pleased.
Diann was "it" to me! To this day I can remember many of her outfits, colors and styles. I'd like to thank her here publicly for her extreme patience with me...surely I must have been a bother at times.
Following the show, I called Sis up to ask her if she could remember two dresses I had in mind.
Bless her heart, she sorted through her photos and slides and sent me these two pictures.
The one with her husband (on right) was dress #1 in a perfect blue color for her. Note that she is wearing one very fashionable wig here; she also had a "fall" that added length to her hair. Dress #2 was a floaty, peasant style dress and she wore it as she and her new husband shared a fondue meal in their first apartment.
Keeping both dresses in mind, I knew a vintage print in blue was needed for the Project Runway challenge #1. Once again, I headed to the thrift store and found this top.
If you take a closer look, you might notice the mini belt detail on the bodice front. This would be for the Project Runway challenge dress #2...a dress for the younger sister (me). Here we see the sisters in their 70s inspired ensembles. Older sister wears a sheer maxi dress with an aqua strapless dress/slip underneath. Younger sister is hip in her brown mini dress with a turtleneck and wide, groovy belt. (I confess I had a dress much like this myself back in the day - check out the top picture. How I would've loved yellow go-go boots to wear with my dress!)
There you have it. Two sisters wearing two 70s dresses, and yet another
multiple garment week.
(And now for a personal any of you have an older-make Skipper I could buy? I refuse to buy the current one with a bright pinkish purple streak in her hair. Unfortunately, my Mom disposed of my original Barbie and Skipper in their striped swimsuits, and I need a Skipper for the upcoming Fashion Week finale.)


SusieP said...

I have a Skipper circa 1969/70.She has long brown hair and a very flat chest. I'm in Asheville, NC right now. When do you need her?

SusieP said...

OOps. Don't want to sell, but happy to lend. Susie Pasini

The Lindahl News said...

Susie, thanks for the offer! Perhaps I can borrow her if I don't find one to buy.

Have a great time in NC!

Kathryn said...

Your challenge is making me smile! I kept thinking as I was watching Project Runway last night, "I wonder what Lindahl is going to do with this one?!" Today I just happened to come across this another one of my favorite blogs and thought you might like the inspiration of it. :-)

Kathryn said...

and a 2nd page:

Spirit Bear said...

I love this one; the two sisters are adorable. Deb, you ARE Skipper. I hope that you find one.The outfits are beautiful. I think Heidi would wear the Skipper outfit. Which bird will you choose for this week's challenge? or will you do them all? Looking forward to catching up!

Unknown said...

There's one bird that wasn't chosen...