Monday, October 10, 2011

Sweet Shower

Seeing expectant parents is one of life's sweetest things. They are entering a new journey, knowing that their lives are certainly going to be changed. Who will the baby look like, what will he be like, how will his delivery go, how will the nights go...the list is long.
One thing is certain, though: life will never be the same as pre-baby.
However, I know one thing myself: Drew and Laura's baby is one lucky little fella
to be getting them as parents. And he's going to have two sets of special grandparents and
family members.
Here are his Grandmas with his Mom.
Here is his Dad with our Anne - they have known each other their whole lives. No doubt Ellie will love to get her hands on this new baby boy as her cousin-by-proxy.
The Rholl brothers are going to be great Uncles for this baby
boy who must grow up to be a Patriots fan!
Bedtime reading for the baby will include books that everyone brought to the shower
as well as a handmade book with greetings of love from the shower guests.
And, hopefully, the little fella enjoyed a piece of delicious Hungry Caterpillar
cake (from Mariano's) indirectly "fed" by his mama. Oooooh, was it good!
Both Grandmas provided baby with sentimental clothing pieces:
Carol with sweater, hat, wool rompers and Hawaiian shorts and shirt that Drew wore as a little guy, and Nancy with a hand-knit "Hungry Caterpillar" sweater.
We eagerly await your birth, sweet baby, and wish you well in your last weeks of
confinement in your cozy, dark cocoon.

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