Monday, October 17, 2011

Barbie/Project Runway #12

Episode #12 found the 5 remaining designers on a ferry bound for Governor's Island to "New York City's Playground for the Arts." Here they were encouraged to take inspiration from sculpture, architecture and the landscape. Seeing as I am not able to take a flight to NYC and ferry to Governor's Island at this point in time, I decided to use the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park as my challenge inspiration. This is a 2 mile stretch of sculptures running along McCormick Avenue; easy to walk or bike along a path. Please forgive me as I can list neither the artist's name nor title of their pieces - Wes and I biked this and I had no pencil and paper on hand; forget the memory thing!
Here my three "inspiration" pieces; yes, this was another collection challenge in which the designers created three "looks" but were helped by recently eliminated contestants. You
might want to note that the common element in all the outfits is sweater knit. These I felted myself from thrift store sweaters.
#1 A three-tiered birthday cake
#2 Part 1 of a three part sculpture: C is for Cheese
#3 A hodge-podge of interstate and highway signs

Let's begin!

Let's start with Look #1. Obviously, this gown is meant to be worn for a Barbie Birthday Bash! Inspired by the tiered cake sculpture, I created only one tier of birthday confection, but it packs a punch with its streamers on the lower tier. The sculpture colors were far too pastel and unassuming for Barbie, so she went with the pop of pinks, purples and oranges.

Here's a close-up of the party streamers. Not shown: balloons, tooting horns, and diamonds from Ken in brightly wrapped packages.

Take a look at Look #2 next. Remember the C is for Cheese sculpture? I decided to translate that into a gray sweater dress for Barbie with grommets in yellow and white to represent the holes in Swiss cheese. The gray represents the sneaky little mouse who would like to take a nibble at that cheese. Sorry, TG, for the literal translation of this "look." I just could not help myself!

Meaning I just had to make a Cheesehead hat for Barbie.

Finally, here is Look #3: Barbie's "Car" Coat and traveling pants is based upon the inspiration of the road signs sculpture. Look closely and you can see a road-traveling Miss printed on the pants. The tire wheels are studded with rhinestones.

Of course, Barbie has a very chic suitcase to take with her on her road trips...this one is in shiny gold with a diamond studded closure. (My thanks go out to Debbie C. for this accessory gift - it's actually a mirrored compact.)

This brings us to the Project Runway Season Nine Finale! I'll have to get crackin' on the Fashion Week Runway Show...wish me luck!


SusieP said...

I am utterly and profoundly entertained.

The Lindahl News said...

Susie, happy to hear that!!!

Pam S said...

Perhaps you could have used your camera to take a picture of the name of the piece.

The Lindahl News said...

Good point, Pam.

Spirit Bear said...

I lost my comments again; it was long too....grrr. So, I think I said you and Wes are too cool going on that sculpture ride! Loved the cheese hat! the car outfit reminded me of Victor's print pants - I liked his clothes the best tonight. Can't wait to see your "three looks." Good luck with your collection! We know you made it!