Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Barbie/Project Runway #11

"This is for the Birds" was the challenge theme for Project Runway episode #11. The remaining six designers were paired against each other and then randomly assigned a bird to serve as the inspiration for their outfit: a cockatoo, Amazon parrot, raven and owl were the birds presented. Seeing as no one was assigned the owl, this became my inspiration. The "look" was supposed to be a high fashion garment with a budget of $300.00.
Before sitting down to create the inspiration outfit, I drew upon some ideas and facts I know about the owl and this is what I came up with:
Owls are associated with wisdom and learning.

Owls are known for being carnivorous.

Owls have beautiful feathers.

Owls are not showy birds as some of the other fine-feathered ones are.

With that in mind, I present Brunette Barbie in her owl-inspired garment! She wears a modest dress with a tasteful hemline.

The back of the dress comes to a "v" in the neckline to represent the very special nocturnal hunter the owl is - swooping down on its prey with its precision in swift, efficient killing. The red piping accent represents the blood of the owl's prey. The dress fabric is printed text, not actually legible, but certainly giving one the impression of wisdom in reading and learning.
The fur jacket separate can add an element of the "wild" animal that the
owl is in a color palette similar to the owl's own feathers.
Here's a view of the two piece ensemble.
Of course Brunette Barbie needs to have a feathered fascinator atop her head in homage to a certain HRH Kate who was recently married. Did you know that the tippy little hats are really called fascinators? I made this one with a vintage button and a bright red feather. Don't you think my Brunette actually looks a little like Kate?
At this point, I should confess that unlike the designers on the show, I DID NOT make another outfit as they did - only to be told they wouldn't be showing two outfits after all. My bad, but it felt so, so good to not play completely by the rules this time!


SusieP said...

Ok, I want that dress. it is just my style!

The Lindahl News said...

Susie, you're quite the fashionista, so I consider this to be quite the compliment - thanks!

Spirit Bear said...

the fur and feathers really worked on this one; I feel like I know this Barbie! CAn you bring her in some night? (It would be a hoot!)

The Lindahl News said...

Patricia, loved the "hoot" reference! I'll try to bring BB in for a trip down the runway...

Kathryn said...

Your creativity has inspired me! I'm now doing a challenge based on the Bravo TV program "Art of Work".
What fun!