Friday, February 03, 2012

Apron Art

Hearing that an art exhibit by Women's Journeys in Fiber presenting
"Aprons: Myth & Fantasy" meant only one thing:
I had to go!
Not only did I have to get there, but I had the treat of being taken by my adventurous friend, Marti.
We drove to Kenosha, Wisconsin yesterday to the
Anderson Arts Center right along the shoreline of
a very beautiful, frozen Lake Michigan coast.
The show included quilts by several talented quilters,
a 3D gallery of The Three (Dis)Graces: Poverty, Neglect & Indifference and works on display by Central High School (Kenosha) students all set inside a glorious older mansion formally inhabited by the Simmons (as in mattress) family and now turned into an art gallery.
Might I highly recommend this show currently on display through March 25, 2012? It's that good!
As much as we enjoyed the quilts, our favorites were the
30 aprons on display and the stories behind their creation by their makers. Whimsical, nostalgic, poignant, sad, clever, creative, innovative....the list goes on.
These women are true artists in my way of thinking.
Let the pictures speak for themselves:
I loved seeing an apron that Marie Antoinette might have worn shouldst she ever appear in a kitchen.
Seeing a rendition of a combined Julie & Julia apron tickled me due to my former
Copycat Challenge in which I sewed my way through a whole book of projects.
Reading about a Granddaughter's memories of summers spent with her Grandma
at a Wisconsin lake cabin and interpreted into an apron tugged at my heartstrings.
Seeing a woman's work who is an expert gardener (and seamstress) and lover of flowers translated into a gorgeous apron was a feast for the eyes of one who has had enough of winter, mild as it might be presently.
I just might have to think about making a "statement" apron myself one of these days!
(Thanks, dear Marti, for a wonderful day!!)

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