Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Thumb's UP for this Performer (And his Blog,too.)

See this man with Miss E? He the one. The only. Mr. Jim Gill!
He's a child-development specialist, singin', banjo pickin' wonder! And Ellie loves his music, especially Alabama, Mississippi. So when I heard he was giving a 'concert' nearby (sponsored by the Vernon Area library at Stevenson High School), I knew E. and I had to go see him.
She clapped, bounced, stamped, circled, tapped, watched, listened and
was beside herself when he actually performed Alabama, Mississippi just for her
personal pleasure.
For you out there in blogland, might I highly recommend going to your local library to grab one of his CD's and sharing it
with a little loved one in your life? Or ordering online?
You might wish to check out his blog link below as well.
Not only are his music games delightful for the young ones, but his words/thoughts/observations about early learning hit a bulls eye with this MeMo!

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