Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Zippy Posy

Gray day + ZIP "word of the year" = Posy! With a little time on my hands, I made a cheery little project. First, I cut out 6 little circles from a scrap of yellowish fleece. I used the bottom of the spray starch can as my template because I was too lazy to look elsewhere. Four circles were folded into quarters, then stitched together to make the petals in the middle. Next, a half of a metal zipper (9") was coiled to make the posy center. This was stitched to an unfolded little fleece circle and the top part of the flower was completed. On the bottom of the posy, another unfolded fleece circle was stitched. Two little leaf shapes were cut from felted wool and attached the the bottom of the posy. Lastly, the pin back was stitched to the bottom of the posy. Voila! A cheery little posy that can be worn as a pin or attached to a bag or hat. The pin back could be omitted and instead stitched directly to something or glued to a gift package. In mini size, it could even work as a barrette with the clip stitched to the back. Now I'm up to date with one zipper project a month.

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