Friday, March 23, 2012

Favorite Snapshots and Why (P*S*C* #47)

My name is Deb and I take a whole lot of pictures. If you know me, you have seen me snapping away. So, when my new (for Christmas) camera malfunctioned I was distraught. It wasn't an option to get it fixed in China, thus a new one needed to be purchased. In Hong Kong, the new camera purchased was a little Nikon Cool Pix with 12.0 megapixels, wide 4x zoom, touch screen, and a 3.0 inch LCD.
It was the cheapest camera in the shop. The young sales guy was very good with speaking English and we hit it off. As a result, I ended up with all sorts of nice extras: a free camera case, an extra battery, an additional memory card, a thumb-drive for downloading pictures directly to my computer and two animal-print folders.
Before my first camera expired, I took the above picture at the Hong Kong Museum of History.
This was in an exhibit showing family celebrations of their new baby boy within the village. I just love love these paper lanterns!
The remaining pictures were taken with my Cool Pix camera.
The picture of Wes (above) is a favorite because this was an unexpected surprise to find he's on the permanent "Wall of Fame" at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. This picture was from his time as a guest professor at the university and is now in the newly redone MBA Building. He's on the top row, second from the left.
At the Nunnery in Hong Kong, a working woman does her job dusting the railing in the rain. This favorite picture was taken at a restaurant we went to in Guangzhou. Somehow an Italian chef holding up a sign with an appetizing (??) dead goose tickles my funny bone. I giggle even now as I see it again!
Do you see what I see with this picture? How the baby (or is it a monk) holds the beverage
while appearing to walk away with a black jacket and pants underneath?
Four retired seniors take a walk in the rain through the grounds of the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial. A favorite past time is watching people go about their daily routines, but it is a bit tricky to take their pictures discretely.
Of course, I also took many pictures of our trip mates and our young Chinese friends.
They will perhaps be featured in the future. At least I have an option to show these pictures, thanks to the camera replacement. BTW, the defective camera was returned for a refund once we came back home.

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