Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lettin' it all Hang Out (P*S*C* #47)

For whatever reason, I enjoy seeing laundry hanging up outside - even though I don't practice that practice myself. My Mom did, though, and I remember playing between the sheets on the line and I loved the scent of clean clothes once dry!
When we toured the Hong Kong Museum of History, this sampan scene caught my eye.
Here the clothes of the day hung out to dry on the lines of the boat.
And, once again, I was reminded of the Chinese way of drying clothes to this day.
The pink and yellow towels hanging side by side brought
a smile to my face as they nestled under the green awning. This sight appeared right in the middle of a Hong Kong neighborhood.
As did this view of the yellow apartment. What is unexpected to see: huge apartment buildings with clothes suspended from all stories bottom to top.
But my most favorite "hang out" of all? This group of clothing that was hanging from a tree right on a very busy street, and obviously hung from the first floor residence. If you look closely, the baby pants to the far left have that opening for quick "deposits" when out and about with the little one.
Sometimes with the high humidity and rains, you can spot the same clothes on the line for days on end.
Ah, laundry woes are the same for all of us! Never caught up.

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