Friday, March 30, 2012

Squeaker Sneakers and a Tea Set (P*S*C* 47)

With Miss E in mind, there were a couple of purchases we made especially for her in China: a new pair of larger-sized squeaker sneakers (with a little device in the shoe heel that emits a little "squeak" with each step) and a heavy-duty tea set that was made out of stoneware china.
Once we arrived back home, it was time to give Miss E her shoes and have a little tea party - her first! We brought her little play table out to our living room, made some hot, weak tea and put out a little black sesame cake as a treat.
Though she wasn't wanting the tea, she was pleased-as-punch to drink several tiny cups of water. We toasted and clinked (or thunked as this wasn't delicate china). To her credit, she tasted the cake and politely declined another little piece.
As far as the squeaker sneakers?
They were/are a bit hit and I apologize to her parents for the's a Grandparent thing, you know? She wants - she GETS!

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