Sunday, August 26, 2012

Going to the Fair (P*S*C* #51)

Hard to believe, but in the whole time I have been going to the cabin (38 years) I never even knew about the Iron County Fair! The local newspaper had the fair as its lead story, so we put that our our list of things to do last weekend. 

It was a BLAST! First we saw all the animals raised by the 4H kids: cows, horses, sheep, chickens, hogs, goats about up close and personal!

I so enjoyed how the animal stalls and exhibit barns had hand-written notes by the young care-takers introducing themselves and their animals.

Outside on the fairgrounds were food booths and carnival rides.

We think Miss E might really enjoy these next summer.

It was also fun to check out the arts and crafts barns.

Then, the pinnacle of our day - going to the SICK AIR show. (It had nothing to do with the environment.) Held in the Grandstand, the Sick Air-ists were motorcycle stunt men.  Using bikes and a ramp, they propelled themselves into the air and caused gasps and cheers from the
audience. (Thank you, John, for not being a motorcycle stunt man!)

We ended our day by attending the hog auction in which young (to us) 4H kids
showed their animals around the rotunda and bidders provided means for these
kids to see a dream achieved with the funds made from the selling of their animals.

It's fair to say we enjoyed the fare of the fair, fair and square!

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