Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer "Bucket List" Check Off

Just a few days are left of summer, and the mental "Bucket List" of things to do is about to expire with the coming of Labor Day. We have had such a great summer going to concerts at Millennium Park, walking to get frozen treats at Yogurt Square, eating al fresco when possible, going to the beach, going to lovely weddings, getting to our cabin. The last on the list was getting Miss E on the train to have a downtown experience with her Papa and MeMo.
And, happily, that has now been accomplished!

We took her on the Brown Line to the Madison Wabash stop. Far more than the stops on the
train were her why questions...

Why was the train stopping? Why are the doors closing?  Why is the woman holding a bag?
Why, why, why?  She loved seeing the people get on and off and the doors opening and closing and the ding dong of the bell announcing the closing of the doors.

Once off the train, we walked over to Millennium park for a picnic by the Bean. (Otherwise know as Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor). She asked if she could eat the Bean. No, we explained, it is only shaped like a bean and is made out of shiny material one would certainly not want to eat!

Then we ate our picnic supper on a table near the Bean. Food finished! Off to the Bean, with a stop to change into her bathing suit and cover-up.

Then, at last, to the "Face Fountain" (Crown Fountain byJaume Plensa) for some splashing fun!
(Miss E is the running pink dot to the right of the mouth of the face.)


We simply had the best time! Nothing like summer in the city with our grand-daughter - check and double check!!


Brown James said...
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Anne Bassett said...

So nice of you to have such a nice night downtown with Ellie! She still talks about wanting to go downtown again sometime soon.