Friday, August 24, 2012

We Won! (P*S*C* #51)

We came as visitors to a lecture, competed as contestants and walked away
with prizes. 
Let's back up a bit.  First, we went to the Ottawa Visitor Center near
our cabin.  There was a program about black bears.  We have seen them
nearby and wanted to know more. 

But before the program was fully underway, the presenter led about 50 attendees through
the fun and engaging "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" with motions.

Loved it!

Then the presenter (I wish I could remember his name - Steve?) told us that instead of
a lecture, we were going to learn about bears by playing a game show with questions.
Winners would win prizes by choosing the answers from multiple choice questions.
Losers would also win prizes.  Count me in! 

Realize that black bears in Michigan number from between 15,000 to 19,000 and
90% of those bears live in the forests of the Upper Peninsula.  It's a wonder we
have not seen more near our cabin grounds, but they are a bit on the shy side unlike
their grizzly cousins.

The question I got right was about the birth weight of the bear cubs: between 2 and 7
oz.  The Smokey Bear Key chain is now mine!   Wes scored a zipper-pull thermometer
for answering correctly about the male bear living in an area of about 100 square miles
while the female has an area of 10 to 20 square miles due to her cubs.

Much was learned in this program.  It was highly BEARable!  For further info, clink on this

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