Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day Gathering #2

Our next stop at about 2:15 PM is in Naperville at the lovely home of the Petersen's. (This is the Nelson relatives gathering.) Tasty appetizers, beverages, sandwiches and desserts are served "graze" style...nice and relaxing! The best sister in the world is MY sister! We were able to steal away for a little bit to the living room where Evelyn played beautiful Christmas music on the piano while we exchanged our sister Christmas presents. I love you, Diann!!!! Thanks for the great gifts! The traditional bingo/white elephant game is the highlight of our gathering here! John is the "caller" as he has been since he was about 10 years old! (By the way, if you are desiring a bodyless husky dog who makes noises when you throw it on the floor, let me know...the price is right!! Haha!)

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