Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Memorable Party

You've seen his decorated house, and this is about a party we were recently invited at this location! Yes, John invited his parents to a fun party there! We were honored he considered us to be a part of the huge guest list. The party started at 8:00 PM and we showed up with two other parents (of another roommate) and then thought we'd quickly make an appearance and leave. So many other students showed up....and we looked at the clock and it was 10:00 PM and the time just flew by! (The party was supposed to go on until 2:00 AM.) Even the president of NP was invited and actually stopped by. I was very impressed with how warm and friendly the NP students were to us. It gave me such hope for our future to think of these wonderful young adults making their way out into the "real" world before too long and perhaps figuring out how to solve the problems related to global warming, corrupt politics, war, homelessness, terrible diseases, and the like. John is shown here with his roommates and the PRESIDENT of North Park University! Excellent string players provided live music for all of the guests to enjoy!

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Jed and Anne said...

This looks like it was quite the party! Parkyn almost looks like one of the guys...It was great to hang out with you and do Lucia. Thanks so much! I love you!