Sunday, December 17, 2006

This is What 85 Looks Like!!

Today we had a party to celebrate my Mom turning 85 years old!! Vera is her name and she is amazing! Who would've thought that just yesterday she took a hard fall, bumping her head and ending up in the emergency room for several hours? Even while in the ER, she mentioned how much she wanted this party to happen, and it sure did! Vera lives with a titanium mesh cage in her spine to support missing vertebrae, survived a risky surgery in 2005, left her beloved Colorado to move to Illinois in 2003, lost her beloved Elom in 1991, is confined to a wheelchair and lives in the Skilled Care section of a Covenant Retirement facilty and yet, as she blew out the candles on her cake, repeated her wish for hope in her future to get better...You just have to admire and smile that she's such a plucky, spunky trooper. Adorable Ava and curious Calvin are the newest family members...the hit of the party! Clockwise from top: dear Aunt Margene(Vera's sister-in-law), my sister, Diann, Mom and me. All of the Illinois grandchildren and great-grandchildren surround Grandma/Great-Grandma. What a gift to be able to have 4 generations come together to celebrate this B-I-G occasion! Happy Birthday, Mom!!!


cellothug said...

Happy Birthday, Grandma! And hello to my Illinios relatives!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your Vera . . . she does look fantastic!