Monday, January 22, 2007

"So, Where Are You Going on Your Cruise?" Part 2

Here we are in front of the fitness center, not on any cruise ship. Who'd ever guess we had creaky bodies and/or questionable cholesterol levels needing attention? Okay, so this place we joined is rather swanky compared to what we're used to at home. This is the "waterfall" as you enter the women's dressing area. Wes tells me there's one on the men's side, too. After passing through here, we did some walking/jogging on the treadmills... ...pedaling on the bikes... ...stretching on a mat. After such a strenuous workout, we had to unwind in the lap pool and whirlpool spa. We're kinda thinking we are getting away to an exotic locale right here in our hometown! Life is good! (And, if you feel the need to join us, we've got some FREE guest passes!)


cellothug said...

How exciting! I wonder what everyone thought of you running around with your camera in hand?

Your fitness place is way swankier than mine (is "swankier" a word?) but at least you actually go there-way to go!

The Lindahl News said...

A response to Linnea: it really was funny to try to get these pictures taken as inconspicuously as possible!
I didn't want anyone to be offended about getting "snapped", so I had the camera in my towel, and then hurriedly took a picture when it looked like the caost was clear...or else I cajoled Wes to do it if I was the subject. Truly, it was hilarious! (The funniest response to taking pictures was the employee outside the door who must've wondered what the heck we were doing when we asked him to take a pic of us outside the entry...but such is the life of a blogger.)