Friday, January 12, 2007

Vision and Memory Problems

Not long ago, I placed a pair of reading glasses I was wearing on the nightstand. I started laughing out loud when I realized that I had 5...count 'em FIVE pairs of glasses resting on that nightstand. (I snapped this picture right at that time, with no rearranging of eyeglasses, but didn't fit the 5th pair in this picture!!) So, not only is my age manifesting itself with the need for close-up reading glasses, but apparently I am also forgetting to leave the kitchen eyeglasses, the family room eyeglasses, the basement scrapbooking eyeglasses and the powder room eyeglasses where they belong!!! Anyone else out there with me on this one?????


Jed and Anne said...

well, i am not quite with you on that right now, but i am sure that some day i will be needing glasses in every room. did you end up putting them back where they belong, or did they stay on your nightstand for a while? what a funny situation! have a good day!

The Lindahl News said...

FYI...I put them back where they belong, but notice that the many pairs I have circulate from room to room,
hence that's why the flowered pair can end up in the family room and Dad will wear them from time to time when he can't find his own pair!!! He looks too too cute in them! What fun we have as empty nesters, huh?
You have a good day, too!

Anonymous said...

Crack me up!

Yeah the word verification thing is a little nutty isn't it?

Maybe it's time to remove that....

I like all the different glasses though...but you might want to put them in their respective locations sooner than later.