Monday, December 03, 2007

Never Too Old!

FYI...we are having the time of our lives these days with our friends Carol and Mark as they are our house guests. We have been eating A LOT, remembering the days of our teens and 20's before we had kids, playing Rook, watching movies. We are shaving the years away with all the fun and laughter we have been sharing since Thursday. Saturday, we ended up staying inside most of the day while the weather got nastier with snow, then sleet, then rain. A spontaneous decision to brave the elements happened and we drove to the Festival of Lights display saying, "Heck! Let's do this! So what if there are no kids with us...we can still have some fun here!" Our car was tuned to 107.1 on the radio, we paid our $10.00 car fee and in we went to the Winter Wonderland off Milwaukee Avenue. We oohed and ahhed about seeing so many Disney (Ariel, Cinderella, Pocohantas, etc.) movie characters, TV characters (Bob the Builder, Ernie and Bert, Big Bird, Rugrats, Garfield, Bugs Bunny, Porky the Pig) as well as book characters (Paddinton Bear, Clifford, etc.) We also saw skiers, skaters, fantasy villages, Santa's toy workshop, and counted how many Frosty the Snowman characters were here and there. (WAAAAAy off on that one!)
As we drove around, the radio was blaring. All four of us sang, with mucho gusto, along with the festive tunes. A couple of times, we even pulled far to the side so other cars could pass us by. Below, the front of the Cuneo home.
The Festival of Lights is near to where we live. Many of our out-of-town guests come here with us because of it being the setting for the wedding in the movie My Best Friends Wedding featuring Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. Kristin and Daron, Cam and Linnea had their wedding receptions here. Concerts and plays are held here; it's really a lovely place.
It was fun to be a "local" while the film was being made, but it is even more special to be on the estate looking at the animated figures, twinkling lights and singing Christmas carols at the top of our lungs with our good friends in town from Maine. Priceless!


simplicity said...

I love the photos..and the history behind that beautiful home. You actually know people who had receptions there??!?? WOW!

So glad you're having fun with your friends. Love that you truly enjoy living life to the fullest! :)

Kristin Jag said...

Thanks for some Cuneo photos, it was so fun to see those! Did we really get married there? Seems so long ago.......what a dream!

Spirit Bear said...

I keep offering to take Emma through the light show, but so far she has turned me down. It used to be a tradition. What a day! She and I went to the Methodist church and bought our tree from the boy scouts.

Katie said...

Recently, I was exposed to Peoria's Festival of Lights which sadly put Libertyville's to shame! I was always so impressed with Libertyville's light display until I was faced with an estimated 20 minute drive with 3-D whales, spaceships, dinosaurs, huge whales, and trains! It was absolutely incredible and I will definitely have to blog about it! I took pictures too so people can see!!