Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just Because.

You know how it feels when someone does something nice for you? For no reason...just because. It's simply the best feeling! Here's the story: This package came for me in the mail on Monday from my nephew, Andrew, and his wife Timi. What could it be? I wondered. The package said, "Fragile. Do not bend." Could it be an updated picture of my adorable new Great Nephew Will? A chocolate bar from Timi's home country? A pair of replacement glasses as a joke? Then I read the enclosed note, and the highlightlighted area mentioned my name and something about me liking the item tucked inside the envelope.

It was a CD of an artist I had never heard about. Her name is Amy Duffy. She's 23, from Wales and in January 2008 was named 2nd place in BBC's Sound of 2008 listing. Her voice has been compared to that of the 1960's singer, Dusty Springfield.

I pulled the CD out of the case, took it to my car as I had errands to run, and was taken in by the music and lyrics of this young artist. She has a bit of Nora Jones soul and grit, and the strong lyrics content of India Arie and Corinne Bailey Rae...three of my favorite female songbirds all born in the 1970's. Errands completed, I brought the CD inside and popped it in the player while I did scrapbooking. The songs played over and over, and I am getting more familiar with the music. Timi, was right! She thought I'd like it and I DO!!!

(To the left, Timi's personal favorites)

Just because.

Made my day! Thanks, Andrew and Timi for your thoughtfulness.

Now I think I need to think about passing the just because forward. Maybe you can, too, to someone who needs an extra smile today.


Melissa said...

Oh, how fun! I love "Just Because" mail. It's the best kind. I equally love "Just Because" flowers. Little surprise treats for no reason other than to affirm our care for others are so lovely.

Timi + Andrew said...

Deb - I love that you like the CD! I think this girl`s voice is incredible, I don`t think I could get bored of it, ever! I am glad our surprise gift `worked out` well and I was not mistaken when I thought you would like her music.
Oops, I gotta go, William is his play-yard and his music stopped (although he laughs out loud anyways, cute kid)!

Linnea said...

How thoughtful my cousins are! :) Now I'll have to check this artist out, myself! And maybe think of my own "just because...."

simplicity said...

What a thoughtful and meaningful gift and I love that it was "just because." It is inspiring to see who we could pay it forward to.

simplicity said...

This post inspired me to surprise my husband with a just because coffee card. He was so surprised and so grateful. Made me feel good doing something "just because"