Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pumpkin Farms and Cutesy Jumpers (P*S*C #8)

Near Pulaski, Wisconsin we always have stopped at a pumpkin farm on the way home from our cabin.

It's been the perfect kick-off for bringing back seasonal fun to our home in Illinois. I love going through the rows and rows of colorful pumpkins (this year I wanted my theme to be white ones) and gourds. Choosing just the right ones makes me happy, and takes me back in time to when I was a kid sharing a pumpkin with my brother, Duane. He would pull out the mushy pulp and seeds - of course grossing me out with them - and then we would carve, carve away.

So, imagine my complete disappointment when we drove by the farm we used to go to and nothing was there. I had Wes drive by it again to make sure we got the right place. We did. This place had the "honor" system with paying, and the money box had a note on it saying this was the kids' fund-raising venture, so please be honest. I was thinking, wondering what happened to the kids...did they grow up and leave the farm? Did they have no interest in planting and sowing any longer? Did new owners come over the winter? What?

We drove away. Sad.

Then, maybe five miles from that farm, was a huge sign advertising the Delzer Pumpkin Farm with grand opening: Next Weekend. Too late for us, unfortunately.

But, we drove in anyway, and the farm was a-buzz with action, and yes, we could come in! Yea!

This place was over the top with ghouls and ghosties and rows and rows of pumpkins. There must big a big business here with the signs indicating bus parking here and there. School groups galore, no doubt. I couldn't pop out of the car soon enough to check it out!

This is what we ended up toting home. Only little white pumpkins for this year. But, I ended up being very grateful for this unexpected fall surprise after all. And, also a reinforcement of the need for ladies to please abandon any cutesy jumpers presently lurking in their closets...if they are wearing them in a pumpkin patch, they don't belong any more on your own body!!!
(I hope I am not offending you on this one, but Girls! These kind of jumpers are over and out!! Really! Just look at the face on this she happy? I'm thinkin' not.) Going to a pumpkin farm is certainly not just for those in the single digits...we had a blast! Go if you can!


oatley said...

Hey Deb,

I love ALL of your recent posts.

I've been fighting the coming of cooler weather. With the exception of sneakers, I have yet to put on "closed" shoes. Your pictures of the pumpkin patch are helping to ease me into autumn. I hope you don't mind, but I added your pumpkin pictures to my screen saver of scrolling pictures.

Keep on blogging ... I so enjoy keeping up on your "doings" this way.

Love, Sandi

Melissa said...

Fun! I love pumpkin patches. Keep your eyes open for a Pumpkin-a-Day challenge around Apron Strings soon...


Sarah said...

Ooh. Pumpkin time! I like your monochromatic pumpkin color dreams..very chic! I also like your fashion advice. I'm in total agreement.

simplicity said...

I love it. H is totally into Halloween this year. He loves all the decorations at Target and other stores. I can't wait to take him to the pumpkin patch to see how he reacts. We're headed tothe apple orchard tomorrow :)

Spirit Bear said...

I MIGHT, just might start getting in the mood for fall.It's been so warm, and I am hanging on to the summer.But these photos are beckoning me - I have resisted pumpkins, mums and Indian corn.I'm not ready to admit that fall is reality.Thanks for sharing all these splendid images.

Timi + Andrew said...

What a cheerful post about fall! I am actually looking forward to the cooler temperatures here in Denver, we have had 80-90 degrees so far and the house gets too hot during the day into the evening, it is hard to fall asleep.
So we cannot wait for the real fall! Plus it is sooo pretty:)