Monday, September 22, 2008

Pink Suitcase Chronicles #8: Soon Coming to a Tree Near You!

We got a bit of a jump on the Fall Colors season by going to our cabin in the North Woods this past weekend! Though not quite at peak, the reds, oranges and yellows still put on quite a show for us.

Once again, I moved my suitcase around our little woodsy peninsula to try to make a statement of location for my pink traveling companion.

However, how fun would it have been to have Pink with me as we hiked around the lake for our annual Fall "Can we really do this six miles again???" trek. I didn't think Wes would be terribly amused hiking with me pulling my suitcase behind me. And probably whining as I did it.
If only we owned this canoe, I would've put Pink in there...wouldn't that have been a lovely pink reflection?
Or how about Pink toting my pumpkins at the Pumpkin Farm? Do you think the farm folk would've had a problem with that?

(Let's just say I didn't know Wes was getting me in this pose...)

It's always a bittersweet event to go North to close our cabin up for the summer. Memories of the family being together, surrounded by nature, and not caring what the watch hands are saying is like a slice of warm, freshly picked raspberry pie. You never want to consume the last bite.

Now, it's time for Fall. Ready or not.


Melissa said...

This series of yours just tickles me pink (pun intended)! This stop may be my favorite thus far - I love, love LOVE fall colors!

Timi + Andrew said...

Hi Deb! You had to have so much fun walking around these beautiful colors!
We got your card, thank you! It was very nice of you :)

Linnea said...

I'm not sure I'm *quite* ready for fall yet...but I definitely love your newest post and the new fall look of your blog! Beautiful!

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, everybody!

There's more coming...

Alli said...

OOhh, that raspberry pie looks great!