Monday, September 01, 2008

The Pink Suitcase Chronicles #7

Once again,we found ourselves packing up to go to visit one of our favorite cities for the long Labor Day Weekend! However, this time we had a bit of an obstacle to overcome. I thought he packed the camera, and he thought I packed it! If you know me, you know I am attached - very attached - to my little Nikon COOLPIX L12, so at first it was very frustrating to not end up with any visual documentation of our big, fun weekend. After all, we went to TWO
theater productions: Wicked (thanks for tickets, Anne and Jed!!) and Jersey Boys. We went out to eat at great restaurants. We visited the Chicago History Museum, the Jazz Fest, and the Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory.
Back home again, I figured out how to document it minus pictures of places:
Chicago is our kind of town! Now, if I can only figure out how to use the cell phone feature to get those little pics transferred to here...there's more to talk about! Like how I saw Frankie Valli live and in person in NYC as a high-schooler, how giraffes are under-rated as textile influences, how Pizano's must have a secret ingredient in their crust, how old tired walking feet need orthopedic shoes...


Timi + Andrew said...

Cannot wait to see the other pics you took with your cell phone! It always is very fun to read your blog, Deb!
Speaking of theater: we just talked about going to the theater or Opera here in Denver! We miss it! But before the season starts we need to find a babysitter for one of those evenings so we could go and see a play!
In Hungary the theaters and opera houses are always full, especially in Budapest, people love the culture. Here in Denver it is a bit harder to find a good play or opera (that is actually directed well and the staging is matching with the story) but we still (used to) go.
Anyways, don`t keep us waiting too long for those pics and reports of adventure :)

simplicity said...

I've been wanting to see Wicked for some time. Did you love it?

Another great weekend trip! Good for you guys!

The Lindahl News said...

Timi-I just wish we lived closer so we could watch Will for you and you could have a night out at the opera or theatre! There's nothing like going to live performances of quality productions! You would LOVE either Jersey Boys or Wicked no doubt about it. (I hope to eventually blog about them...keep checking!)

Simplicity- We DID love it! Are there plans of it being in Mpls.?
You HAVE to go! Anne gave us a CD of the music and it is fabulous.
Highly clever and catchy lyrics and composition. I recommend listening to the soundtrack first to enhance the whole experience.

The Witty Librarian said...

I absolutely love both musicals! I couldn't sit still for Jersey Boys, I just had to dance, dance, dance! I am such a fan of musical theater!
I can't wait to see your photos of your fun trip!

oatley said...

Oh Deb, how I loved reminiscing about that NYC trip to see Frankie Valle and the 4 Seasons those many years ago - I still can't remember George's last name. (must pull out the old yearbook)

As for the pictures in your cell phone, it is possible that you can email them from your phone to your home email address - the cell phone will have it's own email address using the number@att (or verizon, or sprint) - give that a whirl and you might end up with pictures on your home email that are jpg.

It was GREAT talking to you the other evening! Love, Sandi

Timi + Andrew said...

Deb - thank you for your offer! Oh, how I wish we were closer to family as well! It would be great... Andrew and I were thinking about going to Chicago for Thanksgiving or maybe for Xmas but unfortunately he has no vacation time left at all. So, maybe we should invite family over here in Denver ;) Would you and Wes be interested? Usually we spend Thanksgiving with Duane and his kids, it would be fun to have you as well! And I don`t mind cooking at all :)
-hmm, yummy turkey with gravy and mashed potato-