Sunday, December 28, 2008


What can I say? I have been at this computer far longer than originally planned. This was supposed to be a *spectacular Christmas wrap-up slide show and it stalled just as I was ready to click on SAVE NOW on the site. Argh!
You, dear reader, will just have to settle (mostly) for the written words, and not the picture *extravaganza. Hopefully, you will get the idea that this Christmas season was a very lovely one. It truly was.
C is for children. We were able to spend time with our own, as well as a couple of the "Greats" and younger nieces and nephews. They are wonderful, let me tell you!

H is for home. As in being here the whole time...Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In two phases, no less! It has been years since this has happened and we really, really liked it!

R is for remembering. The traditions of yesterday and making new ones for today add to the richness of celebration. This year was especially poignant for us as we remembered the life and times of our Mother -Vera Maxine Rosenquist Nelson.
I is for ice. And snow. We shoveled and scraped more than usual this holiday season...but it also meant that Wes and John could ski together one day!
S is for siblings. I'm glad ours love each other. And we were able to spend time with both of our sisters and their families this holiday season.
T is for time. It is a gift to be able to take time out from our busy lives to remember why we are celebrating. And having more time together is a gift, too.

M is for mail. We have loved getting updated with our friends and families in the many letters, picture greetings and cards. Isn't it fun to go to the mailbox and find it filled with those non-windowed envelopes!!

A is for Andersons. Diann, Larry, Ryan, Kurt, Denee, Ava, Ingrid, Kari, Don and Kass! Good times!

S is for Swedish Kringla. I made it twice this holiday season and it is delicious! (Love that almond flavoring.) All the other sweets of the season were enjoyed perhaps a bit too much.

So, here's to hoping your holidays were merry and bright as well. And now it's time to prepare for a new year, and all sorts of adventures to come!
*possible exaggeration here...sorry!


simplicity said...

I love all the photos. And I'm with you on the "mail". I love getting the mail this time of year too. Looks like your Christmas was very special with lots of special people. So glad!

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Kass! Hope you don't mind that you and Don are pictured are so cute!

Timi + Andrew said...

Happy New Year to you, Wes and all your family members!
Thank you so much for the cute presents, Will likes his sing along books with the CD very much! Thank you for being so thoughtful!

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, A, T and W! Happy New Year to you all,too!