Monday, December 08, 2008

Should I Really Admit This?

In an effort to make our house look spacious and sparse (as dictated by our realtor), we "decluttered" our place back in June. We rented a wooden box that was delivered to our driveway; stuffed it to capacity and had it hauled away and placed in storage. In June, I wasn't thinking about winter or holidays. As a result, most of my winter clothes were packed away as well as table linens, photo albums, etc. That's why I was looking the way I did - maybe you just thought I was trying to be stylish with all that layering! So, this past week, we admitted defeat and took our house off the market. It's been hard to face this, but we are actually relieved to have a reprieve from those calls saying a showing is coming up and then hopes getting dashed when our abode is rejected time after time. Oh well, it's been a lesson in not taking things personally yet again. And that the "market" is to blame. We have much to be grateful for in that we have our jobs, our full bellies, each other and wonderful families...and a long list of other blessings to boot. This is why it makes me feel so shallow to admit that getting my storage box delivered back home last week was wonderful. It was packed on all sides as you can see. The mattress slips under a bed for extra guests. The boxes are filled - mostly with books and photo albums. The furniture pieces hold table linens and winter clothes. And these possessions make me feel like I am getting my home back. Is that bad?


Timi + Andrew said...

We are sorry to hear you house isn`t selling at the moment but maybe next year will bring you the good luck! Your home is soooo cozy and beautiful, it is the perfect place to be for the Holidays!
Enjoy your things you got back from the storage unit.

The Lindahl News said...

Timi, you are so sweet to say such nice things about our house.

And the enjoyment of having our home "home" is really appreciated...and I'm trying hard to not wipe up every time a drip of something lands in the sinks. And I even left my robe on the floor for a bit. I've got some unlearnin' to do! Bring it!