Monday, December 01, 2008

The Pink Suitcase Chronicles #12: Uff Da!

We've just returned from Minnesota - the land of Uff da! What exactly does Uff da mean? Think of it as an exclamation of Scandinavian expression for just about anything..surprise, exhaustion, astonishment, or relief especially uttered by these Northern folks. We had a mini family reunion with Wes' side from ages 3 to 80+, so you can well imagine all the hustle, bustle and EATING than we did!
As an audience, the older cousins witnessed the younger cousins putting on "shows" just like they did themselves years ago. We saw Tae Kwan Do kicks, jumps and marching from Karl.
Grace demonstrated gymnastics moves such splits, backbends and this head stand. The table was cleared, but the space at G and G's place wasn't the best for floor routines.

And, the dancer of the group, Laena, put on costumes which she had packed in her suitcase and performed an exerpt from The Nutcracker Ballet.

(Please note the white "cast" on Laena's arm. Placed there by her sister for some reason: it's actually a sock. Love it!)

These younger cousins are finally getting the idea that Anne and John are their cousins - not aunt or uncle - due to the many years in age difference. It really is a lot of fun to be able to see young ones in action again as well having Uncle Paul remember how he thought Anne and John were very "energetic" as young ones - and now they seem so mellow and easy!

Kari and John made a special trip from Omaha, just to join our group for Saturday and Sunday...thanks!! If you see John, you'll have to ask him what it was like to attend his first Husker football game!

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What I meant to say was:
Laena! Sorry I couldn't get the beuautiful dance video working on this site!