Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hallelujah! Finally Did This!

Check out this 1902 copy of the score, isn't it lovely? My seat partner owned this book.
Each year, we have dreamed of getting to sing along with Handel's Messiah. For this reason or that conflict, it just hasn't happened. Until 2008! When a flyer appeared that the local First Presbyterian Church was hosting the production on Sunday, December 14, we knew we could no longer make any excuses...the time had come!
It was fabulous. Inspiring. Wonderful. (Even though those high notes for sopranos are really high. Wes sang bass due to the high notes for tenors, too.)
King of Kings
Lord of Lords
Almighty God
The Everlasting Father
The Prince of Peace
May this message be a song in your heart as well during this Christmas season!


oatley said...

Oh Deb ... remember those days at RHS! Once the Messiah is in your head, it never leaves. Although I can't quite hit those high notes any longer (how about you) when I hear the Hallelujah chorus, I can't help myself and sing along! (my apologies to anyone within earshot) - maybe that's what we should have done in the little video last year?! Ah, what fond memories! Love, Sandi

The Lindahl News said...

Okay, Sandi, you're ON. Next time we are together we are going to sing the Hallelujah chorus! And we'll video it for posterity!!!

Whew...those high notes are higher than they used to be when we were in the Roxbury choir!