Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Drawing Conclusions (P*S*C #12)

When it happens, it feels really good...that feeling of giving a gift to someone that is just right.
Because we weren't going to see the younger ones for Christmas, I brought up gifts for them to open over the weekend. To see their eyes light up when the presents were brought out was delightful. There was a bit of mixed success with some of the presents, but I think Grace really liked her rolled pencil case with 24 colored pencils, drawing book and personalized "Drawings by Grace" blank book. If you have a young person with a flair for the artistic on your gift list, I'd like to recommend this project to you!
1. Buy a box of 24 colored pencils. Then go through your fabric stash and match fabrics to pencils, and cut in 1 1/2 x 10 inch strips - you will need 24 coordinating fabric pieces cut.
2. Sew the 24 fabric strips together. Use a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Iron seams flat, all going in same direction.
3. Cut out backing and flannel lining. Make it about an inch wider per side than the 24 colored strips. Just eyeball it!
4. Cut a long strip 3 1/2 inches wide for pencil pocket. It will be the length of the project plus backing and flannel size. Hem one side of the pocket for a finished edge - only about 1/4 inch rolled hem needed.
5. Stitch all layers together by following the seams of the fabric strips vertically. Pinning layers together FIRST is extremely important to hold it all together! Sew from top to bottom (the pocket is the bottom) every time to prevent puckering.
6 and 7. Now trim off all the excess backing and flannel lining so that it is the same size as the fabric strips side. Are you with me so far? You are now ready to cut the binding strips for the edges of the project. Cut strips of fabric in 1 1/2 inch widths. Join strips together until you have about 2 1/2 yards total length. A little leftover strip of this will be used to make a loop closure for the pencil case - about 3 1/2 inches as shown.

The closure loop needs to have raw edges finished before placement on pencil case. Sew on one end of the pencil case in the middle of the 10 inch side. Do this BEFORE attaching binding to the edges!

8. You're ready to apply the binding! (It really helps to be a quilter to do this part.) You sew the binding around the edges on one side, then flip the project over, fold the raw edges of the binding around here and hand stitch the binding to the other side.
Step One: Binding strip is placed on the backing side of the project and machine stitched.

Step Two: Binding is wrapped around to the strip side and hand stitched.9. Find a button! Place all the pencils in the case, roll it to the looped end and make a penciled dot to mark placement of the button. Sew button the the backing side of the project and you are done. Was that fun or what? You might just have to make one of these for yourself!

That's why you see more than one backing fabric shown in the instructions!


Sarah said...

LOVE IT! I've seen these before, but hadn't found a tutorial. Thanks for posting one. It looks like SUCH a great gift for a young artists...and it looks like a fun project! Very nice.

simplicity said...

I love it! What a beautiful, creative gift. And something to be so treasured too!

The Lindahl News said...

Sarah, you should try making one of these! By now, you probably have enough scraps...you are a sewing queen!

Timi + Andrew said...

what a great idea! Very creative, Deb! I bet the little girl loved it!

Timi + Andrew said...

what a great idea! Very creative, Deb! I bet the little girl loved it!

Melissa said...

That is TOO cute! Maybe I should have you make my traveling knife kit when I've got enough blades to need one. ;) I'm making fun, crafty gifts for Christmas, too...but I dare say, none as unique as this!