Saturday, January 31, 2009

Birthday Blitz Week

Whew! What a fun birthday week I've just experienced! There have been outings, food fests, family and friends, presents, cards and calls...and I have loved all of it. I even was the recipient of an interactive "Chicken Dance" card that threatened to clear a restaurant in the process of enjoying it!
Here our family gathers for a meal at Trattoria Trullo in Lincoln Square and the site of the Chicken Dance. Thanks for a wonderful time, you!
Diann treated me to a day in the city of Chicago - and the special exhibit, Chic Chicago at the Chicago History Museum. You might also note how, once again, we dressed similarly in longish gray sweaters with black turtlenecks and black pants! You also have to know that our coats are nearly the same - black quilted down jackets with fur-lined hoods. And, no, we don't plan any of this or shop together! I loved her gift theme of "Savor" as pictured above.
Another themed gift and day outing was provided by my dear friend, Marti. We're "Hanging Loose" this year and the gifts were a howl - I even got a set of very special hangers and hooks - and check out this 2009 calendar which not only features word play on hang, but word games to play daily (I'm a big fan of word games). Come on over - there's 365 days of puzzles to solve!
But, wait, there's more! Lunches out at Dinotto's and Mickey Finn's, breakfasts at Wildberry's
and Walker Brothers. Believe me, I am thanking one and all! But the waist is not so sure...


Sarah said...

Oh, lunch at Mickey Finn's! I miss that. Glad you had some good times for your day.

Jed and Anne said...

Happy Birthday again to a gal who deserves to party, party, party! I am glad that we were able to join in on the festivities of your big day!

Melissa said...

Happy birthday, again! I hope the next year holds all beautiful things and moments for you to savor. :)

Timi + Andrew said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Deb! I feel bad not knowing about your big day earlier, I need to ask for everyone`s birth date in the family so we wouldn`t miss to send a card at least :)