Wednesday, March 04, 2009


When I was a little girl, it was my heart's desire to be the owner of a charm bracelet. However, it was my mother's opinion that a charm bracelet was "foolishness." So no bracelet.
Around the time I approached the age of 45, I decided it was foolishness on my part to hang on with regret with what I wished for as a girl. Since that time, with gifts from others as well as purchases on my own, I have come to have quite a collection of little mementos of the life journey I'm on. There's a honker of an engagement ring to represent that exciting time when we decided to make our lifelong commitment happen, a Mother, a Sister, Annie and John charm to represent my roles within the family. Then there are those hobbies: figure skating (armchair participant), dolphin and whale watching, a sewing machine, hats, purses, books. Due to a love for travel, there's an airplane and several charms from places we've visited like the Seattle Space Needle, a Colorado columbine flower, and of, course Disney landmarks. And a cat to represent Marshie and a dachshund for Boots and a turtle for all those "adopted" ones from Golden Lake in summertime. The most curious charm of all came as a gift from Anne: it's a church with a steeple and if you look inside the little door peephole, you can see the Lord's Prayer in miniature!
It may seem pretty trivial and silly to take pleasure out of this little charm bracelet, but it helps me to have a visible reminder of the charmed life I have been blessed to live. Do you - or someone close to you - have a charm bracelet, too?


Marta said...

Your bracelet sounds (and looks) like an accurate and lovely reflection of you, Deb. Good for you for indulging yourself in a childhood dream! I can't pick out the sewing machine charm in the photo--but it I'm imagining it must be very cute and dainty.

I collected charms in my middle school days, and as I remember (I haven't looked at the bracelet in a number of years--it's floating around somewhere in my parents' house,) it's a rather random assortment. Like a hershey's kiss charm and a moose charm, for example. And for some reason I decided it was a good idea to put an out-house charm on my bracelet. What could be more hilarious to an 11 year old female than an out-house charm on a charm bracelet? I can't think of anything myself...

oatley said...

Oh Deb, fond memories indeed! I am most fortunate to have two. A silver one started when I was very young - a Williamsburg purchase from my parents, with the first charm a disk with my initials. Over the years momentos from Cape Cod, Yellowstone, my zodiac sign, a prayer from my confirmation, etc. I still add to it now and again, most recently another charm from Williamsburg when we went there to celebrate Thanksgiving.

The second was a tradition started by my grandparents (each grand-daughter got one) - a gold charm bracelet with a mortar board upon high school graduation, the other charms added over time have been from my beloved and include, again-my zodiac sign, a shell, a hula dancer, lobster, 3-corner hat (yep, Williamsburg,) I think I'm not remembering them all.

I love wearing the charm bracelets (not at the same time of course,) they always evoke conversations and the memories others have too.

thanks for (as you always do) sharing! Love, Sandi

Timi + Andrew said...

What a lovely thing to own, Deb! It must bring back many good memories in your life :)

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks for the charm bracelet stories...loved 'em!