Monday, March 23, 2009

Flying the Friendly Skies (P*S*C* #16)

Imagine our delight when arriving at our United flight gate to see our friend Darilyn waiting to board as our Flight Attendant! In the 25 years she has been working, we have never been so fortunate to be one of her "charges." Of course, Pink wanted to get in the photo!Once we were airborne and the attendants were passing out beverages, we got the star treatment from Darilyn...and the envy of our fellow passengers as she brought us our own personal "refreshment." Class act that Darilyn is - she even brought some for our third seat partner! As a result, he became our BFF on the whole trip back to Chicago: letting us out to visit the little room in the back and walk the aisle with ready willingness to pop out of his aisle seat! Wes' favorite part about deboarding was when he hugged the flight attendant on the way out, much to the regret of his fellow male passengers that they didn't have the Darilyn connection, too. What a way to conclude Pink Suitcase Chronicles number sixteen!


simplicity said...

How neat Deb! I am just catching up on reading blogs since last week. Looks like quite the trip. My favorite post, the rating of the fast food breakfasts! :)

Melissa said...

How fun! Pink sure does get around...and on a wonderful airline, in my own opinion. ;)