Monday, March 02, 2009

Pink Suitcase Chronicles #15: Yet Another Winter Wonderland

We have just returned from snowy Minnesota where we enjoyed a visit with Wes' folks and celebrated the birthday of his sweet Mother. The snow was piled high in the background of my Pink. Maybe 10 feet tall in this picture? But the skies were bright blue, and the company was delightful.
I have had do make do with Pink's recent tag loss. No new one came from American Tourister and those two empty "black holes" were starting to be bothersome, so I found some ribbon and threaded it through the holes. Much better!
Here are my in-laws as we ate brunch out. And here is my MIL as she opened her Vacation-in-a-Box gift: a travel DVD, lotions and soaps with exotic tropical scents, notecards with a Hawaiian theme. Perfect (hopefully) for the armchair traveler!
Wes and I had time to bake some lingonberry bread for our hosts...have you seen this mix from IKEA? It is so easy and so delicious.

We are so thankful that these two are living in a comfortable, warm and inviting situatation surrounded by friends and care. We miss not having them closer.

Happy Birthday, Dear One. You are beautiful on the inside and outside...and I just LOVE this hat!


Timi + Andrew said...

What a sweet family! Happy Birthday to your MIL!

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Timi! I am hoping you can meet them at the August 7th wedding in Omaha!!!!!

simplicity said...

What a fun trip and I too love the hat. Next time you're in town I'd love to see you :)

The Lindahl News said...

S - did you get my email? I'm so sorry we missed you!