Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Hundred and Twenty Years!

Combined, these two have celebrated 120 years on this earth! Diann and Larry - my sister and brother-in-law.
They recently had a birthday party in their honor and this was one of the pictures shown in their video. Somehow, it ended up in my possession. It was taken at North Park College when Larry was Tarred and Feathered in the late 1960's as an engagement tradition there. (This "tradition" has since been banned on the campus.)
What I like about this picture is that it shows the affection between the two. Diann is reaching out to console/comfort/commiserate with her sweetheart, and he is smiling at her to convey he is happy she is there and knows she'll rescue him from his distress - sort of like a reverse knight in shining armour thing going on here.
Flash forward thiry some years and Diann and Larry now have three grown sons, two lovely daughter-in-laws, four incredible Grandchildren and innumerable people who simply adore these celebrants.

Lucky me...I got to light all their candles. (And, no it wasn't 120 candles.) (And, yes, the cake was gorgeous and from the same bakery that provided the Dala Horse cake for Baby Ingrid's first birthday.)

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y , L & D !!!!


oatley said...

I soooo remember seeing the "tar and feather" picture back in our high school days, and being in awe of these two "grown-ups" - thinking what a wonderful feeling to be so in love. I remember feeling college students were so much older, such adults, so mature (which I really should have questioned given the T & F) and thinking one day I would be an adult. So happy to see them so happy - What a joy to behold. Here's to more happy birthdays together! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Love, me

Timi + Andrew said...

Happy Birthday to both of them! They are wonderful people, loving, caring parents and grandparents! We wish the best to them!

The Lindahl News said...

Sandi - I can't believe you remembered all that!!!!!

Thanks for the phone call the other was so wonderful to chat! Please come to Chitown!