Monday, July 13, 2009

Beauty Amongst the Flowers

It is but a few short weeks until we have a wedding of our own...can't wait! What a delight it was this past weekend to witness so many wedding parties celebrating their unions at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Isn't every bride beautiful? They were certainly competing for attention with all the other white and cream flowers in bloom.

I think that maybe I made the wrong career choice...perhaps I should have been in the wedding business? How I do love weddings!

The flowers were simply lovely on this July Saturday as well. (But why, oh why did one wedding party have fake silk flowers for the bridesmaids and bride --- here? After all, this is the actual reason why we went to the gardens in the first place for real flowers.) But, I digress.

There's nothing like a summer wedding! Especially when it's one of your own "buds."


oatley said...

What a terrific setting (and popular) for wedding photos.

I've been thinking about you and John's upcoming nuptial. It is so very exciting and I'm looking forward to your posts and pictures.

Best wishes to all ... Sandi

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Sandi! It's getting soooo close now.

News on the other front is going well, too.

Spirit Bear said...

Have you visited the miniature garden railroad? You don't want to miss it! There is an Old Faithful and Mt.St. Helen's that erupt.....