Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Party of Five (*P*S*C #19)

Hard to believe but between John's birthday and Wes' birthday we celebrate five birthdays in our little family of (almost) six! So, we have started a little tradition of dinner out at the White Stag restaurant near Eagle River followed by an activity of go-karting.

Because we celebrated on the 4th of July, their cake was supposed to be a Liberty Bell. And I made them wear their patriotic leis.

They somehow seemed to match those we saw in the parade earlier in Iron River:
See those "spots" on the pony? They are star stickers...a first to see stickers on an animal!

We were happy that Elder and Muriel could join us this year for the celebrating. And that Elder rode the tracks with us at the Kartway.

I tell you, we are a family who knows how to party!!


Linnea said...

What fun! Happy birthday to all!

The Lindahl News said...

Right now I am using a Mac computer and I find it has cut Kari out of the five person picture! My one at home (IBM PC) shows all five! I'm bummed if you can't see her. Is it working for the rest of you "out there?"

Timi + Andrew said...

Happy Birthday to all those lovely people!

simplicity said...

Kari is in the pictures I see! Looks fun! Can't believe all those birthdays the same time of year! How fun though! Hope that you're enjoying your summer, looks like you are.
Also, can't believe you're already on PSC #19!!!!