Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moments to Remember (*P*S*C #19)

Though we have been back for about a week now, there are still moments I am trying to savor back at home...trying to hold on to our little vacation as long as possible I suppose. The memory of a lake that looks like a surface of glass, with a dock inviting one to sit in this chair and think deep reflective thoughts...or not think at all.
To freeze time as I watch my three family guys at play on the raft...moments before Jed topples into the cool, clear water and is followed soon by a large splash as John is thrown into the water and dear 'ol Dad is the king of the raft once more.
To be able to still see the glimmer in my son's eyes as he shows off his catch of the day...and remembering the first little fish he caught in the lake some twenty years ago on a short, lime green pole.

To see Anne and Kari sitting side by side as they eat cake, comparing notes on their teaching experiences, and becoming more than casual friends...soon to be sisters by marriage.

And finally, to see that the Glastron - - - about thirty years old - - -is giving us yet one more year of boating excitement on this wonderful lake in the North Woods.


The Lindahl News said...

Thanks Nancy, Victoria, Kass and Robin for your nice comments on FB!

Timi + Andrew said...

Love this post!

Linnea said...

GORGEOUS pictures, Deb! How nice to read about your recent trip.