Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hoo-boy has it been a busy month! And the camera has been clicking away like no one's business. In order to get this blog up-to-date with goings on here and there, I'm using each letter of the blog title in sort of a photo journal format.
P is for playing cards. Wes and I have rediscovered the game of Rummy 500 that we used to play in the early days of our married life. Nothing like playing the game at Ravinia pre-concert!
H is for haircuts. For the first time that we can remember my sister and I got haircuts nearly side by side at a swanky place in Lincoln Square. Meaning we had scalp massages, pampering and capable cutters.
O is for Olive. That's the name of the new sibling suitcase for Pink. She's a great help when we go to the nearby Harvest Time grocery store. It was fun to recently introduce some friends to
this fun city market.

T is for trains. We are using the Brown Line quite a bit these days. The most recent destination was with library friends.

O is for old bikes. Found in the basement of our condo and free for the taking. We feel old riding them, too, with our not-so-nimble bodies...but we are trying! And wearing our helmets.

G is for Grant Park Music Festival. Actually taking place in Millennium Park at the Pritzker Pavillion. So far, we have gone to three wonderful summer concerts there, and hope to go to more.

R is for red wine. Dining outside is one of the finer summer pleasures...we especially like the Pizza Art Cafe on Rockwell.

A is for Art Institute. Did you know that right now there is a special exhibit of the artwork featured in Caldecott Award winning books? So, naturally a field trip was necessary for those librarians from our home library. The "show" closes in early November - consider attending!

P is for peaceful. We discovered a lovely quiet getaway smack dab in the middle of the lakefront! It's called Montrose Point and is a bird sanctuary bordering on Lake Michigan. The views of the Chicago skyline from here are spectacular.
H is for harbor. Beautiful sailboats and such right there,too.
S is for sculpture. After all these years of driving by the scupture path on McCormick, we finally biked the path and took in all the large sculptures...the cake is still my favorite!
There you have it. Photographs. Worth more than thousands of words. To us, anyway.


Linnea said...

Great pictures Deb! I might have to use your format to finish off my Guatemala trip-I am SO behind!

This post makes me want to get back to Chicago!

The Lindahl News said...

Can't wait to see the rest of your Guatemala pictures, Linnea! This format works pretty well...maybe you could try it?

PLEASE come to Chicago sometime!

The Lindahl News said...

Lazy Daisies Girls...if you are reading this, please know I am reading yours, too. However, it won't let me comment and I'd like to. Bloggers unite!!

Jennifer said...

Ah, city life! Isn't it spectacular?!

The Witty Librarian said...

Oh, what wonderful pictures! It was certainly fun visiting the Art Institute and exploring your new neighborhood! So exciting :)

Timi + Andrew said...

What a fun post, Deb! I love the skyline and the sailboats!

Spirit Bear said...

I love Olive! And now I can picture you all visiting Harvest Time. Thanks for the fabulous day in the city, Deb. By the way, who gets to go to the wedding: Pink or Olive? To be fair, you should take both.